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Localize Your Enterprise!

Unleash your brands’ national presence for effective local results. More than automated software, Relevant Ads combines expert team knowledge and distributed data technology to deliver a proprietary Profile-Manage-Optimize (PMO) local marketing process to each of your locations.



Starting with a strong base data set, our expert team will create a robust, custom data profile for each of your locations. This initial step in our PMO process ensures we gather and prepare for syndication the best data profile possible using the unique characteristics of each location.

  • Personally performed initial client interview
  • Customized keyword/category targets
  • Rich media: images and video
  • Unique content for each location



Relevant Ads - mobile directories used to promote our clients.Manage

Each location’s profile content is verified and distributed across the Internet. Relevant Ads uses automated data technology to effectively distribute, verify, and confirm each transmission through major core data providers,  search engines, and consumer- focused destinations. Elements include:

  • Automated distribution via the Relevant Ads platform
  • Full service PIN verification by the Relevant Ads team, with minimal involvement from local location personnel
  • Centralized management via the Relevant Ads client Dashboard




Relevant Ads provides individual location performance beyond simple data distribution. Unlike other local marketing companies, Relevant Ads is not just a “software data distribution solution”. Relevant Ads continually optimizes each location profile using the following techniques:

  • Updated/re-optimized keyword targeting
  • Competitive category profiling
  • Individual location-based research generating individual local market opportunities



Let Relevant Ads Deliver Results

At Relevant Ads, our clients connect directly with our in-house expert local marketing team. Relevant Ads provides location performance visibility via a single unified platform allowing clients to manage each location quickly and easily while achieving maximum local market exposure.

  • Aggregated and Single location reporting
  • Unified analytics and metrics (per location, per region & nationally)
  • Individual keyword/categories opportunities per location

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